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Daniella Willett-Rabin


Daniella Willett-Rabin was born in Madison, WI and had the opportunity to live in both Italy and Spain during her formative years. In 1999 she graduated from a visual arts high school in Salamanca, Spain. For many years after she pursued her love of Percussion and studied drumming in both Los Angeles and Guinea, West Africa. She eventually returned to her study of visual arts and in 2013 she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Daniella recently relocated back to Madison, WI and is currently working as a freelance artist and illustrator. Daniella’s art has been described as fanciful, colorful, and joyful, creatively conveying the positive energy and vibrancy found in life.

Artist Statement:

“Painting is my passion and joy, and art for me is a celebration of life. My paintings have a bright and saturated palette because I like the freedom of having no restraint when it comes to color. I utilize a lot of patterns and dots in a decorative manner to accent my work. The media I currently work in is either oil or acrylic paint. The subject matter reflected in my paintings embraces architecture, music, dance, and nature. All of these are the elements that bring me happiness in my day to day life. I hope to share that joy and passion with others through my art. ”